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Adoor is a fast developing town in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. STD Code of Adoor is 04734 and Postal PIN Code 691523. Though in Pathanamthitta district, Adoor shares south border with Kollam District and west border with Alappuzha District.

Two prominent ancient roads of Kerala- the Main Central (MC) road and Kayamkulam-Punalur road merge together and serve as one road for 2.5 km stretch passing through Adoor town. Almost 80% of the town is on both sides of this merged road. True, MC road has a bypass road since 2010 and the town is developing to both the sides of bypass road ever since.

Adoor as a place did not need any introduction from the time of Kerala state formation as there have been some great personalities hailing from Adoor to make the place famous. It was E.V Krishnapillai, the novelist, in the beginning. Then for some years Adoor was known to rest of the world for his son Adoor Bhasi, the well known film actor. Concurrently, there were the two sisters Adoor Bhavani and Adoor Pankajam, both established and popular drama and cinema artists. Then from the beginning of seventies, the fame of Adoor was carried to the rest of the world by none other than the great film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

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